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Fr. Biju Alex CMI


Providing Education to new and young minds in distinct and unique manner is the beautiful work of any school. Enlightened people, whom we love to call our Teachers, with their knowledge and wisdom does this service in a selfless manner. Responsible and studious young buds of today absorb nutrition provided to them in this manner and grow as great citizens of tomorrow. Hence a school is not just an institution of knowledge but a formation house where young minds are formed into responsible citizens of tomorrow with a real heart to love others, to love the nation and to hope and work for a better world.
In this scenario proper identification is necessary for any institution for distinct appearance in this crowded world. In this modern world which is always live at the fingertips of people, a website does this task easily. It contains information about what we are, where we are, what do we do, etc. The information it contains guide the new people who are eager to be part of this prestigious institution, helps the regular students to be updated as and when needed and is also a means to cherish the innumerable memories of all our students who had been part of this establishment. They still love to live in their golden memories of ‘Nirmal Life.’
I wish and pray that God bless us all to continue to do good works through all our lives.